Baan Talay Samran
Beautiful 3 story beach villa with 4 bedrooms set in a quiet and peaceful development. Surrounded by tropical gardens there are 3 swimming pools and a private spa attached to your villa. Pure escapism in the Thai resort of Cha-am
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Rent your own beach villa, guesthouse, resort in Cha-am (รีสอร์ท ชะอำ)
The people behind the idea

I lived in Thailand between 2001 and 2007. I left to come home to Ireland to enjoy the Celtic Tiger that I had been hearing about for years! Unfortunately my timing couldn't have been worse as the economy went into freefall.

I finally gave up and returned to Thailand in May 2011 and now live as a rice farmer in Yasothon.  Simple basic living and almost self sufficient!  Things have moved on since those days and I know spend my time between Thailand and Gran Canaria where we have other holiday rental properties.  Check out our new website there

During my first stint in Thailand, I worked as an IT Manager in a manufacturing company as an overpaid and over-rated Expat. The Thai guys I had working for me were the main reasons for my success and they are the ones behind this website too!

The idea

I'm a simple person and like to keep things simple.  In everything I have done to make this website I kept asking myself - "how can i keep things simple?

So in a nutshell, the site is setup in 2 sections. 
  1. The main section is for people looking to rent a villa for their holidays
  2. The owner section is for owners who are looking to rent out their property.

Unfortunately, the Owner section of the website isn't finished yet so at the moment I am only focussing on renting out my own villa in Baan Talay Samran.  This is the best place to arrange a private beach villa rental in the Thai resort of Cha-am